1. Why isn't this year FREE?  

This project has never been free to run. Everything we do requires fees - from websites, to the Academy to part-time employees to help with the enormity of this project. We can no longer handle these costs alone. A very small fee that everyone shares is the answer to a growing problem.

2. Can I join the Facebook group?

Yes, you may as long as you are a student in the classroom.  The FB group will be for class members only.

3. I can't get the kit due to budget, international shipping, or different needs. What do I do?

There is a supply list in the classroom. Feel free to source items in your country or use products you have on hand. The kit is not necessary to participate.  We always encourage making this project work for you!

4. I want to play along with a friend. May I gift her the class? Or a kit? Can my hubby get me the kit for Christmas?

YES! What a great year long gift. You can contact us to help you if you would like. Email us at arttothe5thcoordinator@gmail.com for more info.

5. Can I share the downloads with a friend?

The downloads, challenges and other goodies in the classroom are intellectual property of Arttothe5th™ and may not be shared with anyone outside of the class.

6. Do I have to follow the prompts, challenges, format exactly?

Make it your own as you wish.

7. I am just joining - is it too late to start in February, June. September?

No, jump in. You are welcome at any time during the year.  The class fee is $12 at any time during the year.

8. Where can I post my photos?

The Facebook group OR on Instagram #dlp2016 - join us HERE  Members may show finished pages and talk about their experience in the class in whatever social media they choose.  We ask that detailed or specific class contents, materials like downloads, supply lists and specific techniques taught in the class NOT be shared/sold/distributed anywhere.  Talking about the class in general is fine.  We appreciate if a member links back to us but it is not required.

9. Where may I contact you?

Email us at arttothe5thcoordinator@gmail.com

10. Are you sure this can't be FREE? Are you sure I can't play along without the class?

Totally sure.