Meet Our Spotlight Artist - Anna Friesen

Art to the 5th™ is thrilled to shine the spotlight on our talented member, Anna Friesen!

Ladies...and Anna!  Here are her answers to our Spotlight Artist questions.

Q:  Where do you live?
A:  On a sweet little acreage near Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Grande with an "e"! :)

Q: What kinds of art do you do? What medium or craft did you start with?
A:  I am quite new at art, unless you call doodles on any paper I can get my hands on as art. Doodling I have done ever since I can remember! I was an avid scrapbooker, documenting me, my husband, and kids' lives, for 19 years.
I occasionally do nature journaling. I really enjoy studying plants and drawing and labeling them. Botany at it's finest.

One day about two years ago, I signed up to Pinterest. A year later, I saw a gorgeous artsy planner on someone's said "The Documented Life Project". Well, golly gosh! That piqued my interest! Make a gorgeous planner?!? YES! Now I doodle, zentangle, watercolor, some mixed media, collage, etc. Really, I am trying almost EVERYTHING!

When I'm stuck, I usually just start adding watercolor to the paper. Last school year my 15 yr old daughter and I hosted a monthly art journaling club with other girls my daughter's age. Hope to continue with that in the new year.

Q: You are packing an art travel bag with your Top Five go-to items. Tell us what you choose.

1. My DLP journal
2. Sharpie markers (the ultra fine-tipped)
3. Water brushes loaded with ink
4. Circle punch
5. Several sets of watercolor pencils.

Usually I pack a whole lot more than that, but I was told to stick to a max of 5. Sheesh! ;)

Q: What is your latest product discovery?
A:  Stationery items, Neocolor crayons, acrylic ink and...Don't get me started. Please? Shhh...

Q: Tell us about your work space.
A: kitchen table. The local Starbucks. My pickup truck console. My sister's kitchen table (which is at least ten feet long. I like doing it there...) I store my stash in our master bedroom, on a book shelf in our living room, in the TV stand, on the floor, empty corners...

Q: What is one thing you MUST have when you create?
A: One thing: the people I love. I usually have my kids around me. They inspire me. I constantly ask for their input and help. My daughter's music plays in the background a lot. The fuller our kitchen table is with my kids' Legos, books and lessons, the better!  Candy like Skittles help too. Also my phone to access Instagram, the DLP FB page, and Pinterest.

Q: What do you wish you were better at?
A: I want to learn to sketch. I see beautiful travel art journals done in watercolor of the buildings they've seen, the food they've eaten, etc, and that really intrigues me! To be able to focus on ONE thing at a time is another biggie for me.   I also want to learn how to incorporate all the beautiful happy mail art I have received this year through the group.

Q: What color(s) are you loving right now?
A: Turquoise, bubblegum pink and lemon yellow.

Q: What is your favorite pen?
A: The Sharpie Ultra-Fine marker. I am starting to appreciate finer-tipped pens like the Prismacolor line, too.

•Photograph your favorite pair of shoes.
I don't wear pretty shoes usually. Can't be bothered with that kind of frivolous detail. Teehee! I usually wear VERY BORING black running shoes. Almost the only shoe I own actually! In my shoe photo, we're saying hello to the fairies.

Here is Anna's interpretation of the Week 47 Challenge - Attach a map of your state or the world. Document something about that map. (Be sure to visit Anna's blog HERE for more details about her take on this week's challenge.

Stay connected to Anna to be inspired by her beautiful work:

Instagram: @annawho