We are moving our workshops!

After several years on the Ning network, we have moved our workshops here to our own site. Can you hear the collective sigh of relief?!?

Here is what you need to do - sign into the Academy www.art5academy.com and enter your old classroom. On the first page of the class you will see your new URL and password for your new class. Save both of these please. The URL will take you to the classroom door where you will be asked to enter your password. Then you will enter the classroom and there are all the videos and everything that you will need.

To visit our website you DO NOT need a password. Only for purchased classes.

Questions? You can always reach us at arttothe5thcoordinator@gmail.com

If you would like to try one of our workshops, click "WORKSHOPS" on the black bar above.  We would love for you to join us in the classroom.  Our classes have either four or two instructors and that is very different from what you will find anywhere else. Four different styles, four sets of tips and shortcuts and four teachers that will take you step by step through their take on the project. That's like 4 classes in one.

Our instructors are:

  • Lorraine Bell

  • Sandi Keene

  • Rae Missigman

  • Roben-Marie Smith

Let's start creating!